It was a peaceful night as I  managed to find another solution for my future career path. I couldn’t sleep though so a glass of wine sounded like a perfect answer to this. I was startled by the aromas from the moment the bottle got uncorked: Caramelized, with lots of spices and aromas of thick dried apricot and strawberry paste. A pinch of vanilla. In other words, a firework! At the first nose, concentrated cherries, spices, on the second an explosion of caramelized cherries, spices, vanilla and caramelized blueberries. In the mouth lots of cherries, concentrated cherry jam. A pretty strong wine with a high first impact that surprisingly doesn’t last long. A very elegant ending. Beware as it is extremely fruity and easy to drink. Yet it’s an 14.5% ( watch out your servings hence 🙂 ). Domaine de Tourelle, Syrah du Liban, 2012 ^^Syrah bottle at home

You can buy it online from Wine Route Lebanon:


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