This is one of my favourite recipes for during cold weather. I just love milk-based soups. This one is predominantly sweet with a touch of saltiness for the egg yolk.

Here is what you need:

Some milk, sweet potato cubes, pumpkin cubes, dry raisins, dry coconut stripes, cinnamon, curcuma, one egg, some fresh ginger

First throw the sweet potato, the pumpkin and the ginger into the milk and let it cook until the milk becomes slightly thicker. Then add the white of the egg and mix it while cooking. I think you need 15mins in medium fire (move it to slower fire once the milk is about to run away). Then add the coconut stripes, the raisins, the cinammon and the curcuma and mix it.

In the end add the egg yolk. If you cannot have raw yolk then either cook it in the soup or dont put any egg. It will still be tasty 🙂 I tend to add some salt to my raw yolk and a bit of honey on some other side if I want the whole thing sweeter. Have it with or without bread. Bon appetit 😉

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