It was another lovely and happy gathering with some of my best friends of the cite universitaire. I uncorked a bottle of Clos de Cana Pinot Noir 2011 as well a bottle of St Thomas les Gourmets 2007. Later on my Algerian friend finally came in, with an unexpected gift… Algerian wine, chateau Mansourah Coteau de Tlemcen! Yes yes it does exist and I should admit it is not bad at all. It’s pretty interesting since contrary to Lebanese wines who are exposed to the sea or who get some fresh breeze, in this case what you rather feel is the intensity of Algerian sun. It’s not that strong but warm enough with a beautiful nose. I should have made notes to be more precise on this (my fault sorry…)

A few notes about:

1)Clos de Cana Pinot Noir 2011: a full-bodied  and fruity wine with aromas of candied cherries and a long astringency. You can also feel a pinch of spices and vanilla in the nose. Perfect for barbecues.

2)St Thomas les Gourmets 2007: Contrary to its 2014 fellow, you can feel the age with the aromas of leather and copper in the nose. It has a much candied taste with aromas of dry candied cherries and red fruits. It is easy to drink though quite strong (14%) so beware not to exceed your personal limits 😉

Stay tuned 🙂

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