It was another lovely ( and mostly refreshing !!) evening and a couple of friends dropped by to catch up before Yannis’s departure to Avignon. Sounded like a perfect occasion for a good bottle of red wine so we went in for a wine discussion and opened  a  Lebanese Clos de Cana Noces de Cana 2008. We all got engaged into describing the first impression: the nose. This time, it wasn’t a pinch but an explosion of vanilla,  cinammon and resins which is mostly due to its 18month ageing in French oak barrels. If you shake it well it lets out a pinch of candied dried plums and cherries. The liquid shows us a beautiful red brick matured colour. It was pretty sharp in the mouth though: the pinch of vanilla escalades into strong tannins and a spreading warmth that creates a long-lasting astringency in the mouth. If however you let it aerate for about 10 to 15 mins both the nose and the mouth give out fruity flavours and a silkier structure that makes it easier to drink. I would definitely try it with a good Entrecote or a rare-cooked homemade burger. A very pleasant surprise.

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