One of the hardest things for me in my pole dance journey are classical handstands. It’s as if my body refuses to remain straight and automatically bends. There seems to be something beyond just working on your planks and core muscles to achieve this stick-like posture. Another challenge is the the starting point from the floor when you bring your knees towards your tummy and your wrists to get to a controlled handstand.

Another way to go up is also  to slightly jump once your knees are close enough and your toes  grouped enough then keep lifting yourself and keep your legs  grouped together until you can stretch them towards the air. You just get the impression that you will fall on your face which actually already happened to me hehe. 

I finally got myself a mat  and can now peacefully keep trying without worrying about my face getting smashed down accidentally 😛 

Check the link below for details:

FinTech Gymnastics Mat

It’s a perfect alternative to the gym when you don’t feel like  going or cannot make it to the gym.  

But hey back to the topic ^^ I guess also it is due to the fact that somehow I can’t imagine myself not having the option to bend. Every time I want to reach this posture something freaks me out so I bend out of fear. As you see in many pictures handstands are like a single stick. You are neither opening your chest not bending. Could it be this believe that I am not supposed to limit my openness to the world? Or maybe I am scared of losing this ability to open up if I finally adopt a stick/ stiff policy? Is it because my non-balance became my balance? 

So many questions to ask, so many answer to find out. To be continued 🙂 

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