I feel so lucky to be able to discover the rich world of cheeses  thanks to madame Hisada et my colleagues. In this context, I have been trying out several versions all the previous month. For the first Sunday of this month I made out the following selection from what I bought and would like to share it with you:


1)Grand Murols: A semi-cooked semi-hard cheese produced in Auvergne from cow milk. Quite similar to Saint-Hectare and has a soft texture with a delicate saviour (people who find Camembert too strong may go for this one ^^)

2)Etivaz d’ete: a Swiss hard cheese produced from cow milk. Has a quite strong attack with tones of miso paste. Tastes a bit like Gruyere but is less creamy.

3)Tomme de Savoie: Semi-hard cheese produced in French Alps (Savoie region of northwestern France) from raw cow milk. Gives us a mixture of nutty, mushroomy, milky taste with aromas of mountainous nature like grass and earth.

4)Tomme de chevre: Will get back on this one once I got the whole information. But for the moment let me just comment its taste: very milky, concentrated and tasty. It’s quite long in the mouth, a bit like greek yogurt once it melts inside. Awesome with some jam or sweet/ dry full-bodied white wine.

5) Comte: quite popular among French people, it has several maturations. The longer is the maturation the stronger is the taste and the smellier the cheese is. Has fruity tones with an imposing taste. Quite short in the mouth. Goes great with black tea or red wine.

6)Beaufort: Is often called the king of hard cheeses and unlike Comte is much longer in the mouth with a bit creamier and melty texture that develops inside. A bit softer thanthe 29-month-aged Comte in terms of taste.

7) Camembert di Bufala: That was an interesting discovery for me. For those who fancy the milky, deep taste of burrata and mozzarella This is a slightly sticky, concentrated but also extremely milky and soft version of it. Contrary to the classic Camembert it’s not smelly at all !

8)Tomme de chevre d’Auvergne: produced from raw goat’s milk. It’s drier than the pasteurized Tomme de chevre but has a quite concentrated milky and a bit acid taste. Unlike most of the dry goat cheeses it is not spicy at all ^^Its texture is a bit similar to Grana Panado( big brother of Parmesan^^)

9)Matcha tea: Japanese powdered green tea used in tea ceremony ( Sadou) but also to make sweets and beverages.

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