Like many of you during this season I have been struggling with chronic fatigue and with the abundance of fabulous Christmas food your body might feel sluggish. Tonight as I wasn’t planning to meet anyone I just through 2 teeth of garlic, some fresh pieces of ginger and some green onions into a mix of fresh mango, broccoli, squash and green beans and just steamed everything without any oil in a frying pan, topped it up later with some pomegranate dressing and cumin. On the other side, I added one boiled egg, some nuts (one pecan, one walnut, 2 macadamias, 1 hazelnut and one almond), two dried raisins, some fresh mango and boiled squash and topped it all with curcuma and some olive oil. Then I added … a piece of ‘’lingot de Berge’’ ( a very tasty French matured goat cheese that you will only find in cheese shops) and Roquefort with a spoon of honey with some toasted whole-wheat pita bread and goat and cow milk white yogurt in a mini cup.
I enjoyed testing different combinations and would like to share some interesting bite combinations:
-Garlic, ginger, Roquefort, mango, macadamia
-Raisin, yogurt, squash, pecan
-Walnut, broccoli, lingot de Berger, honey
-Squash, hazelnut, olive oil.
-Broccoli, the olive oil and pomegranate dressing mix, Roquefort, macadamia
You can taste the same combinations with bread. It makes it richer 😉
Have you got any interesting combinations of your own you would like to share ? ^^ Stay tuned for more recipes 😉

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