Dear all,

Welcome to my multilayered/multishaded/multicoloured wonderland.

In this website I am sharing my interest for the following topics

-Physical health (Yoga and contorsion) 

-Mental health 

-Travelling (within space, time, through events, people, books, insights)

-Food fusion 

Thanks to my hobbies and to the cooperative universe I got to meet people from all around the world who inspired me to experiment with lots of different diets while discovering and revisiting my friends’ local cuisines. I hence started to combine many ingredients from different parts of the world (France, Lebanon, Ukraine, China, Japan, India) to come out with unique dishes.

I enjoy designing customized dishes, I enjoy fusions and love, love, love revisiting basics to come out with new stuff <3 

I realized quite early that life is not a piece of cake. Yet it is definitely worth living. Definitely worth fighting for and discovering every single day. 

Thank you for reading my articles and nice to meet you in the cloud 🙂 

With love,