Meet another invented dish: Milk-based chickpeas, carrots and butternut squash broth (you can use other types of milk if you don’t drink cow milk).

I was desperately craving for something well-cooked, hot and filling with the sudden weather change over here and was particularly yearning for … chickpeas xD I promised my friends to learn how to make hummus so thought I could first of all  beat my laziness towards cooking and actually buy this pack of dry chickpeas and soak the them  for a night to see what to do next. Then after my training today I found milk, some carrots, some butternut squash noodles that I got out of curiosity and just. I threw all the ingredients in the  boiling pan with a few pieces of candied ginger, some cinnamon, curcuma and cooked everything for about 20 mins  on low fire. Next, I added some more curcuma, a big spoon of Tahini and honey.

It turned out to be a very tasty broth. Quite rich but not heavy at all and quite filling ^^
I still need to make hummus though and buy that famous mixer for that hihi. Luckily for me today is black Friday 😉

Bon appetit for those who will be trying the recipe 🙂



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