It has been a while since I last posted any food investigation results so here we go: how tasty and healthy is your chocolate spread 😉

Meet my two fellows: Lindt (a Swiss Brand) and Vencchi (an Italian brand). There is a third   »made in France » one but I already finished up the jar so I will leave it for another article.

Let’s compare these two champions and see why they should be a replacement for …Nutella.

I used to be crazy about Nutella actually and the 13% of hazelnut seemed to be enough for me to buy it. Only that later I started to become more skeptical about the percentage of the other ingredients. Moreover I noticed when the jar was left in a very warm room the oils and the other masses will split and you could see the amount of … vegetable oils ? And God knows what is in those vegetable oils. So I cut down on one of my favourite snacks but carried on my investigation. There must be other spreads with a more satisfying list of ingredients. Well, the univers cooperated with me as usually and sent me:

-Lindt: If you check its ingredients it has … 40% hazelnuts and  no vegetable oils. Its creamy texture is due to the presence of some milk butter 🙂 A very tasty one a definitely worth the price. I am in Paris currently and can find it at Lindt store located in Opera. Please comment if you know any other places that sell it.

-Vencchi: Love at first sight. I met it when touring gelatos in Italy hihi. It has a quite particular taste. If you are familiar with Vietnamese chocolate you will love this one. Vietnamese chocolate has a floral, slightly fruity taste and is quite fragrant in the nose. Vencchi is…a 50 % hazelnut chocolate spread  with again no vegetable oils 🙂 All the ingredients percentages are listed clearly so it is really worth the price (15 euros). If you compare its texture to Lindt it looks less creamy and liquid which is natural because it has a higher percentage of hazelnut and  no milk butter. In fact cacao butter melts at a higher temperature.

Both jars were left at a relatively warm place for a while and … they did become more liquid but I didn’t see any separation from the main cacao mass as I saw with Nutella.


Now you have got all the information. Wait for my next article about chocolate spreads once I bought the one I wanna talk about in my next article and that is easily accessible within France.

With love,

Your flexy gourmet 🙂

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