Dear all,

I am a Lebanese-Ukrainian expatriate in Paris and have been living here for the past 8 years for my studies, internships and hobbies. I am currently a freelance English and Japanese instructor and in this website I am sharing my love for food, dance and flexibility, and travelling


My brief story:

I got a beautiful bachelor degree in foreign applied languages in 2014, thanks to which I mastered English and Japanese. Eventually, dealing with Japan arose my interest for its neighbouring country, China, where I participated in a 10-day volunteering program and got to teach English for Chinese schoolkids.  Parallel to that, I enrolled in a one year program in Japanese studies, where I acquired analytical and research skills while working on an introduction to the history of Ballet in Japan from 1911 until today.

I then enrolled in a master in international business and graduated in January 2019.

During my free time I like to practice Bollywood dance, yoga, stretching and cooking 😉

Thanks to my hobbies I got to meet people from all around the world and experiment with lots of different diets, discover my friends’ local cuisines. I hence started to combine many ingredients from different parts of the world (Lebanon, Ukraine, France, China, Japan, India) to come out with unique dishes.

I am also a huge fan of wine and tea and just love pairing those with different dishes and of course… cheeses.

I enjoy designing customized dishes and would be happy to give you tips and advice if you are fed up with eating the same dish every day and/or would like to experiment 😉

Welcome to my wonderland!